Monday, August 31, 2009

Fuzkittie's Birthday Butterfly Princess Style Bracelet

Hi guys! I've recently received a couple inquiries about the bracelet I sent Fuzkittie for her birthday! She made a really cute video (above) featuring it, along with all her other birthday gifts. To be honest, I don't really even have any pictures of this bracelet since it was just made as a gift for her... lol. Anyway, it seems some of you are interested in purchasing a bracelet just like Fuz's. I am slightly hesitant to make one *just* like hers so I think I'll just switch the pink and crystal AB butterflies and accents in any new ones I make. =)

This bracelet would cost $40 + shipping. For the entire month of September, you'll get a free pair of tiny single butterfly earrings, or upgrade to my signature butterfly w/ dangles for $8.

I also have light green, aquamarine and violet butterflies, and crystal AB stars in addition to the pink ones.

Anyway, here are my best screencaps of this bracelet lol...

It's very delicate and cute, just like Fuz and I like our jewelries. =)

This one shows off the princess style double chain best.

And here's my only picture of the bracelet LOL. I twitpic'ed this to the lovely Sarah for her professional opinion before I sent it to Fuz.

If you're interested in this bracelet (or a matching necklace oOoOoOoh!), email me at =)